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Redefining Continuous Analytics and Transformation

Surprised by the lack of good solutions for transforming and analyzing continuously changing batch, streaming, change and event data, we have built a platform for processing continuous (or standing) queries. Instead of moving data from one place to another and then processing it there, modern enterprises can now process data before sending it and build solutions for problems once deemed unsolvable: from streaming ETL, to security operations, reconciling financial transactions, and analyzing machine data in real-time.

Our Story

Feldera is the result of years of iteration building open-source incremental computation systems by Leonid Ryzhyk and Mihai Budiu starting in 2018. Subsequently Gerd Zellweger, Ben Pfaff, Lalith Suresh and Chase Wilson joined the open-source effort. A chance encounter with Mohsin Beg led to a multi-year saas based implementation across thousands of customers. The rest is history.

Meet our team

Mohsin Beg

CEO / Co-Founder

Mohsin has been in the data analytics domain for almost three decades and was most recently at VMware. Mohsin has 20+ patents and started his career at Oracle Corporation.

Meet our investors


At Costanoa, we back entrepreneurs who are a lot like us: hungry, thoughtful, tenacious and looking to solve big problems. We specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given us experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets. We lead at Seed and Series A. We want to be your first call to both cheer you on when the good stuff happens and help tackle challenges when they come up (and they will!) We will be your advocate through the ups and downs of your journey.