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Meet our team

Lalith Suresh

CEO / Co-Founder

Lalith is a computer scientist specializing in cloud computing, distributed systems, and networking. Prior to Feldera, he was a senior researcher at VMware Research, where he led a multi-year research agenda to make cluster managers more scalable, flexible and reliable using modern database techniques and formal methods. He holds a PhD. in computer science from TU-Berlin.

Meet our investors


At Costanoa, we back entrepreneurs who are a lot like us: hungry, thoughtful, tenacious and looking to solve big problems. We specialize in enterprise and fintech, and that focus has given us experience and expertise to be exceptionally helpful to founders building in those markets. We lead at Seed and Series A. We want to be your first call to both cheer you on when the good stuff happens and help tackle challenges when they come up (and they will!) We will be your advocate through the ups and downs of your journey.

Ion Stoica

Ion Stoica is a Professor in the EECS Department at the University of California at Berkeley, and the Director of SkyLab. He also co-founded three companies, Anyscale (2019), Databricks (2013) and Conviva (2006). He is currently doing research on cloud computing and AI systems. Past work includes Ray, Apache Spark, Apache Mesos, Tachyon, Chord DHT, and Dynamic Packet State (DPS). He is an Honorary Member of the Romanian Academy, an ACM Fellow and has received numerous awards, including the Mark Weiser Award (2019), SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award (2015), and several Test of Time awards.