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Feldera is an open-source query engine. Packaged into a cloud-native platform for processing live data using standard SQL.

curl | docker compose -f - --profile demo up

Turn Your Data into Continuous Results

Instead of you copying, storing and querying data for batch results, Feldera flips the problem by propagating data through your SQL for continuous results. Simplify processing of your CDC, Event, Security, Observability, Application, Telemetry data, and more. Let us show you how.


Add your SQL

Define standard SQL tables and views for your analytics. Copy over your existing SQL or write new. Feldera internally converts your SQL to standing queries.


Connect your sources and destinations

Use APIs and UI to configure data sources and destinations for your SQL. Ingest from and Egest to DBs, APIs, Kafka and more.


Manage your pipelines

Use REST APIs and UI to configure the data pipelines. Profile and view live inputs and outputs of tables, views, sources and destinations.


Award winning pedigree

Feldera is based on DBSP - our streaming algebra and VLDB 2023 best paper winner. Feldera is 100% incremental and supports full SQL, unlike alternatives like streaming engines.