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Run continuous queries on change, event, stream and batch data with standard SQL, no matter the sources or destinations.

curl | docker compose -f - --profile demo up

A Better Way to Process Data

Continuous processing use cases are everywhere in the modern enterprise: from streaming ETL, to security operations, reconciling financial transactions, and analyzing machine data in real-time. From building integration to operating in your own cloud, Feldera modernizes your entire data stack.

Turn Your Data into Continuous Results

Feldera is an open-source analytics platform where you run standard SQL (joins, windows, aggregates, and more), and configure input sources and output destinations for continuous results.


Add your SQL

Use standard SQL tables and views to create your standing queries. Copy over your existing SQL tables and views or write new from scratch.


Connect your sources and destinations

Use APIs and UI to add or edit sources and destinations for the SQL tables and views. Ingest or Egest CDC, HTTP APIs, Kafka topics and more.


Manage your pipelines

Use REST APIs and UI to add or edit the data pipelines. Profile and view all inputs and outputs at anytime.


Award winning pedigree

Feldera is based on DBSP - our streaming algebra and VLDB 2023 best paper winner. DBSP makes Feldera more expressive and performant than existing alternatives like streaming engines.