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Experience a state-of-the-art compute platform to continuously analyze live and historical data using full SQL. Process millions of events per second and scale to larger than memory datasets, even on your laptop.

Use cases

Feldera turns the following use-cases from expensive, ad-hoc data engineering projects to "just some SQL queries". Rapidly iterate and productionize in days instead of years.

  • Perfect feature freshness

    Compute perfectly fresh features for fraud detection for both training and real-time inference.

  • Data enrichment and rolling windows

    The only platform that can efficiently correlate and aggregate signals across multiple batch and streaming data sources, as needed for fraud detection.

  • Zero feature skew

    Seamlessly iterate and test hypotheses over both live and historical data with backfills, and deploy the exact same SQL to prod.


Powered by our open-source compute engine, written from scratch in Rust.

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Query Batch and Streaming Data Without Compromise

Evaluate complex SQL on both batch and streaming data sources, seamlessly handling inserts, updates, and deletes.