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Run continuous queries on change, event, stream and batch data with standard SQL, no matter the sources or destinations.

curl | docker compose -f - --profile demo up
Turn Your Data into Continuous Results
Say goodbye to data processing of yesteryears. Integrate and get continuous results from your data that were previously impossible to utilize. Lets us show you how.
Streaming ETL
Bring the "Transform" back into ETL and simplify your data stores. Use standard SQL (and more) to transform your change, event, stream and batch data on the fly.
Continuous Analytics
Turn your data into continuous results using standing queries. Use your existing SQL for non-stop results directly from your data in-motion, and eliminate the batch delays for your destinations.
Data Reconciliation
Get continuously reconciled results across data sources of different speeds and volume. Join, dedup and diff using SQL (and more), and simply your processing infrastructure.