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Enable insights across live data sources and get continuous results from continuous data.

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Turn Your Data into Continuous Results

Today, data engineers building analytics for streaming workloads are exposed to the complexities of processing changing data, a notoriously hard problem. With Feldera, engineers can express their analytics and transformations as SQL Views and have the platform continuously evaluate them incrementally, correctly and efficiently. Let us show you how.


Add your SQL queries

Specify full SQL queries. Queries automatically operate over data arriving at different speeds, from different sources.


Connect your sources and destinations

Use REST APIs and UI to configure data sources and destinations for your analysis. Use DBs, Kafka, APIs, storage and more for inputs or outputs.


Manage your pipelines

Use REST APIs and UI to configure the data pipelines. Profile and view all your analysis, and its sources and destinations.


Award winning pedigree

Feldera is based on DBSP - our streaming algebra and VLDB 2023 best paper winner. Feldera is 100% incremental and supports full SQL, unlike alternatives like streaming engines.