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What is Feldera

An analytics platform for data engineers to dramatically simplify continuous SQL analytics.

With a few lines of config-as-code and API calls, engineers can deploy data Pipelines to run full SQL models. And achieve real-time results across live data sources.

Feldera Platform is open-source and uses incremental processing to provide fast results.

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Continuous Analytics on Live Data
Stop wasting time and resources maintaining custom data infra to get accurate and timely results on live data. Use full SQL across data sources (CDC, Kakfa, APIs), and continuously sync the latest results to apps, db, API, queue and more.
Eliminate Inefficiencies of E-L-T
Get rid of your schedulers, intermediate storage, ELT toolchains for batch processing. Use full SQL to transform, enrich and analyze the data in transit, and continuously sync results to your db, lake, warehouse and more.
Standard and Comprehensive SQL
Leverage the widespread SQL expertise that developers already have, eliminating the need for custom coding. Use your existing SQL as-is or write new queries, and have results incrementally computed as data comes in.